JSC Core Values and Principles
Core ValuesThe Judicial Service Commission has adopted the following Core Values, being an expression of the philosophy that guides the Judicial Service Commission in all its internal and external working relations: 


Independence: While working within its mandate, JSC resists any undue influence and interference and takes the appropriate steps to install independence as a core value of all members of the Judicial Service.
Fairness: JSC treats all members and users of the Judicial Service equitably, impartially, respectfully and in a transparent manner, based on a strict adherence to communicated policies and regulations.
Professionalism: JSC works efficiently and effectively, based on honesty, reliability and zero tolerance to corruption, while strictly adhering to its code of ethics and its code of conduct.
Accountability: While safeguarding the independence of the Judicial Service, the JSC acknowledges its accountability to the general public from which it derives its mandate and is responsive to the legitimate concerns and expectations of its stakeholders.


      1.1. Founding Principles

The Judicial Service Commission has adopted the following Founding Principles, being the basic ideology that, together with the Core Values, informs the organisational culture of the Judicial Service Commission and guides the pursuit of its Vision:

Accessible justice for all: JSC seeks to promote equitable access to justice through the elimination of cost, infrastructure and knowledge barriers.
Competent judicial service: JSC will create and sustain an environment conducive for members of the Judicial Service to be highly trained, well equipped and adequately resourced for effectiveness and efficiency.
High quality service to the public: JSC is committed to the expeditious delivery of affordable justice and excellent and respectful service to all court users.
Performance culture: The JSC will encourage a culture of continuous implementation, monitoring and regular review of its plans and policies.