The composition of the Judicial Service Commission

There is a Judicial Service Commission consisting of-

  1. the Chief Justice,
  2. the Deputy Chief Justice;
  3. the Judge President of the High Court;
  4. one judge nominated by the judges of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the High Court, the Labour Court and the Administrative Court;
  5. the Attorney –General;
  6. the Chief Magistrate;
  7. the chairperson of the Civil Service Commission;
  8. three practising legal practitioners of at least seven years’ experience designated by the association, constituted under an Act of Parliament, which represents legal practitioners in Zimbabwe;
  9. one professor or senior lecturer of law designated by an association representing the majority of the teachers of law at Zimbabwean universities or, in the absence of such an association, appointed by the President;
  10. one person who for at least seven years has practised in Zimbabwe as a public accountant or auditor, and who is designated by an association, constituted under an Act of Parliament, which represents such persons; and
  11. one person with at least seven years’ experience in human resources management, appointed by the President.



  1. The Honourable Mr Justice Luke Malaba, Chief Justice
  2. The Honourable Mrs Justice Elizabeth Chiedza Gwaunza, Deputy Chief Justice;
  3. The Honourable Mr Justice George Mutandwa Chiweshe, Judge President of High Court;
  4. Advocate Prince Machaya, Attorney -General;
  5. The Honourable Mr Justice Happias Zhou, Judge of the High Court;
  6. Doctor Vincent Hungwe, Chairperson, Civil Service Commission;
  7. Mr Mishrod Guvamombe, Chief Magistrate;
  8. Mrs Priscilla Sekai Madzonga, Legal Practitioner;
  9. Mr Josephat Tshuma, Legal Practitioner;
  10. Mr Lloyd Mhishi, Legal Practitioner;
  11. Mrs Priscilla Panichai Mutembwa, Public Auditor
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