RTGS$5,8 million has been allotted by the government for the resumption of the Gwanda Provincial Magistrate’s Court which has been lying idle for more than 10 years now due to lack of funding. After touring the place yesterday, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said the project was expected to be complete in the next month 18 months. He admonished all stakeholders involved in the project to remain committed in order to ensure its completion. CJ Malaba who was in the company of the Provincial Minister of State, Cde Abednico Ncube said the Gwanda court complex was a state of the art building which was a symbol of architectural display. He said already a lot of work had been done on the building hence the need to speed up its completion so that it could be used. The new complex will include eight court rooms, offices for police, offices for prison officials and offices for prosecutors, as well as a basement with holding cells.

Image of Gwanda Magistrates Court building that is still under construction and is expected to be complete in the next 18 months.