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On this website you can read and download for free the most current and complete digital collection of Zimbabwe Superior Courts judgements. Use the Online Help Desk if you cannot find what you are looking for and we will try to assist.

Case Number Judgement Number Parties Judges Type of Case Year Station Action
HC 678/11 CRB G 440-1/10 79-11 THE STATE Versus 1. ANGELINE SIBANDA CRB G 440/10 2. KHETI MOYO CRB G 441/10 Honourable Mr Justice L Kamocha Uncategorised 2011 Bulawayo Download
HC 1691/17 194-18 CHIEDZA MAPHOSA (NEE MAWERE) versus LIPANI DOUBT MAPHOSA Honourable Mrs Justice H Mwayera Civil trial 2018 Harare Download