The Sheriff is an impartial Officer of the Superior Courts mandated to serve superior court process and execute Orders and Judgments of such Courts.
The office of the Sheriff was created in terms of Section 55 (1) (b) the High Court Act of Zimbabwe [Chapter 7:06].
The Act ushered in the Sheriff assisted by Additional Sheriffs and Assistant sheriffs.
This judicial development saw the abolition of the Deputy Sheriffs
In execution of such mandate the office of the Sheriff is engaged to serve differing types of judicial process such as:
• Summons
• Court Applications
• Chamber Applications
• Notices of Set down /Hearing
Further to service of judicial process the office of the Sheriff is engaged to execute judgements of courts.
The Sheriff executes on:
• Writs of Delivery
• Writs of Execution against Movable Property
• Writs of execution against Immovable property
• Writs of Ejectment
• Writs of Civil Imprisonment
The fees for service charged by the office of the Sheriff are governed by the Statutory Instrument 109/12.
Hours of Business
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Saturdays …………...........6am-1pm
Sundays & Public Holidays……. Closed
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