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The Small Claims Court was established in terms of the Small Claims Act [Chapter 7:12]. The Act establishes a Small Claims Court for the adjudication of small civil claims.
Business of Hours
8am – 1pm and 2pm-4pm every weekday excluding public holidays.
The Court has jurisdiction in the following action matters:
  • For delivery of movable property.
  • For arrear rentals.
  • Eviction/ejectment.
  • Based on a cheque or a signed acknowledgment of debt.
  • Arrear maintenance only.
  • Counterclaims.
  • Any other matter not specifically excluded below

  • NB
  • Any claim or counterclaim must not exceed $1 000.00.
  • Parties cannot consent to hearing of a matter whose claim exceeds $1 000.00.
  • Any claim under customary law.
  • Any claim for divorce, custody or general maintenance.
  • Any claim involving the validity or interpretation of a will.
  • Any claim for an interdict.
  • Any damages claim for:
  • defamation;
  • malicious prosecution or wrongful imprisonment or arrest;
  • adultery, seduction or breach of promise to marry
  • All court documents are filed with the Clerk of Court of the Small Claims Court.
    Process starts with a Letter of Demand.
    If after 7 days Defendant does not honour claim, then Summons are issued.
    Defendant MAY then also file a Statement of Defence but MUST file a written counterclaim if any.
    Summons - $2.00
    Order - $2.00
    Show cause order - $2.00
    Garnishee - $5.00
    Rescission of order - $4.00
    Writ of execution-$4.00
    There is no right of appeal. One can only review it at the High Court.
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